Dec 14, 2003

The Great Clown Hall Cabaret

Iron Cobra will be appearing at the Clown Hall Cabaret.

Here are the details:
Tuesday, February 10th
@ the Rivoli (304 Queen St W)
tickets $8 at the door

The line-up also includes Jess Dobkin, King Size (Drag Kings), Alanna McMurtry, and some other comedy and a guy who sings opera.

The show will be hosted by Max and Marcel (Lisa Ross and Erin Bouvy).

Dec 13, 2003

The Cobra Bites Eclectic Circus

Iron Cobra has been rebooked into the Shehori Brothers Character night once again.

Tuesday, January 6th
The Tim Sims Playhouse
56 Blue Jays Way
tickets $7.99+GST
available at the door or at 416.343.0011

Dec 5, 2003


Iron Cobra is celebrating the holidays in style - by disappearing.

That's right, the cobra is hybernating for the winter with no set date of return.

Fear not, though, there is still a chance that the archives with be stealthily updated duing this secret hiatus.