Sep 19, 2005

Canadian Comedy Awards Voting Open. So Vote.

Voting is open!


Here are the catagories in which IRON COBRA is nominated:
Improv Troupe
Male Improviser (Graham)
Female Improviser (Becky)

...just in case you wanted to vote for us.

And we hear there are all kinds of other people to vote for, too.

Just follow this link - - clink on 'vote now' and vote. If you are a union or guild member, you are good to go. If you are not, you will have to send an email to the awards to state your relationship to the Canadian comedy industry.

Warning: signing up to vote can seem complicated. But you can do it.

Sep 13, 2005

catch23. September 19.

After winning catch23 on Monday in the most narrowest of manners, IRON COBRA will be ejecting Chris Craddock and banishing him back to Edmotnon where he belongs.

Seriously, thank you Chris. You are a king among men.

But now we have bigger fish to fry. We have to face our new foes, whomever they may be and stab them to death with an oversized novelty bullet.

Watch out!

Monday, September 19
Clinton's Tavern
693 Bloor Street West
(@ Christie Station)
8:30 (doors)
9:00 (start)

Sep 12, 2005

Crad. September 12.

Graham and Becky will be returning to the old stomping grounds at catch23 IMPROV to join visiting super star Chris Craddock on the boozy Clinton's stage.

Chris Craddock is the new Artistic Director of Rapid Fire Theatre in Edmonton.

IRON COBRA tends to like Chris, Rapid Fire and Edmonton.

Show starts at 9:00
Clinton's Tavern
693 Bloor Street West (@ Clinton/Christie)

Sep 9, 2005


IRON COBRA has been honoured to have been nominated for three (yes three) Canadian Comedy Awards this year.

We have been nominated as a "troupe" and as individuals.

And you can vote!

The awards and attached festival will be held in London, Ontario from October 19-23. Although it is uncertain whether IRON COBRA will be attending to perform as the "troupe" we are, Becky's probably going if only to see Diana Frances and Ellie Harvey again.

Sep 5, 2005

Thank you, Atlanta.

Once again, you were very nice to us.

That was really cool of you.

And thank you once again to the charming and talented Joel Abbott for not only accompanying us at this tournament but also at the Edmonton Improvaganza.