Aug 31, 2004

Aug 24, 2004

Tasman Cody VanRassel.

This just in!

IRON COBRA will be joined by very special guest, Taz VanRassel for both tonight's show at the DK Ranch (9:00pm, 255 College - Studio 3, PWYC) and tomorrow's performance at Lovefest 5000.

Tazzy is great. He is from Vancouver and recently found himself in Toronto to perform at the improv festival with Lucid Dreamers (himself and A.J. Bond).

This should be great. come invest your time.

Aug 20, 2004

Inside the Cyclotron.

IRON COBRA has done something a little spooky and booked an insane raft of shows in the week leading up to our departure for Atlanta.

Please come to all of them.

There is more information on most of these performances below but here is the basic itinerary of doom:

Monday, August 23
catch23 IMPROV
Although not performing as IRON COBRA, Graham will be on stage and Becky will probably be drinking club sodas at the bar until her heart stops. This is a special show because one of our favorite Vancouverites, Tazman Cody VanRassel, will be performing with his cohort A.J. Bond (the Lucid Dreamers).

Tuesday, August 24th
Cabaret at the DK Ranch
Toronto's only rooftop cabaret.
We will be doing some new semi-scripted stuff if we manage to semi-write it by then.
Also featuring Ms. Alex Dallas, cowboy Matt Masters and perennial hosts Derek Flores and Kristian Reimer.

Wednesday, August 23rd
Lovefest 5000
A half-hour improv set to warm the crowd for the first run of Andrew Love's new one-man show.
Full of Love.
Full of Andrew.

Thursday, August 26th
An Evening of Comedy by David Dineen-Porter

Again, not and IRON COBRA show but we are both in it along with Katie Crown, Chris Gibbs, Levi MacDougall & DDP. This show should be great and somehow...historical.

Aug 18, 2004

We are pieces of meat.

Toronto, August 2004 --

IRON COBRA is hereby dutifully announcing their involvement in Fresh Meat 2004. This annual show has some sort of connection to the Tim Sims Encouragement Fund Award.

Although the rest of the traditionally massive line-up of beef steaks has not been announced yet, IRON COBRA has it on relatively good authority that Knock Knock. Who's There? Comedy! will be performing as well as Katie Crown doing a solo set.

The show is at the Tim Sims Playhouse
Sunday, September 12th, 2004
IRON COBRA seems to feel this show is free but has little authority or information to support that.

Aug 7, 2004

Back to Atlanta. World Domination.

Toronto, August 2004 --

It's official.

The Cobra shall return to the fair city of Atlanta to defend their wit and humour against the world.

IRON COBRA has been invited to represent Toronto at the World Domination TheatreSports Tournament in Atlanta, Georgia this September.

Teams are currently being confirmed from cities all over the world including Los Angeles, London (the real one), Edmonton, Vienna, Phoenix, Vancouver and, or course, Atlanta.

Aug 2, 2004

Hexiquest! August 26th.

-an Evening of Comedy by David Dineen-Porter

DDP made a wish list of his favorite Toronto comic performers to perform his strange and sprawling sketch comedy and all of IRON COBRA made the list.

We will be joined on stage by such local luminaries as Katie Crown, Chris Gibbs, Levi MacDougall and Mr. Dineen-Porter himself to bring this bizarre comedy to life.

Thursday, August 26th
Tim Sims Playhouse
56 Blue Jays Way
$10 - Normal People
$8 - Students (including the Second City Training Centre)
$8 - with ticket stub from Lovefest 5000
Tickets: 416.343.0011

Aug 1, 2004

Lovefest 5000. August 25th.

More information of Andrew Love's two-night Tim Sims run entitled Lovefest 5000:

Lovefest will run August 24th & 25th with a different opening act each night.

Andrew's show runs about half an hour and is being developed with some input from the lovely Mark Andrada.

IRON COBRA will be opening for him on the Wednesday (August 25th) and the Tuesday will feature our good pals The Distractions.

August 25th
Tim Sims Playhouse
56 Blue Jays Way
Tickets - 416.343.0011

Secret: with a ticket stub from Lovefest 5000, you can get two dollars off for Hexiquest! the following night.