Dec 14, 2003

The Great Clown Hall Cabaret

Iron Cobra will be appearing at the Clown Hall Cabaret.

Here are the details:
Tuesday, February 10th
@ the Rivoli (304 Queen St W)
tickets $8 at the door

The line-up also includes Jess Dobkin, King Size (Drag Kings), Alanna McMurtry, and some other comedy and a guy who sings opera.

The show will be hosted by Max and Marcel (Lisa Ross and Erin Bouvy).

Dec 13, 2003

The Cobra Bites Eclectic Circus

Iron Cobra has been rebooked into the Shehori Brothers Character night once again.

Tuesday, January 6th
The Tim Sims Playhouse
56 Blue Jays Way
tickets $7.99+GST
available at the door or at 416.343.0011

Dec 5, 2003


Iron Cobra is celebrating the holidays in style - by disappearing.

That's right, the cobra is hybernating for the winter with no set date of return.

Fear not, though, there is still a chance that the archives with be stealthily updated duing this secret hiatus.

Nov 27, 2003

The Cobra visits the Hub

Iron Cobra is rumoured to be making an appearance tonight at The Hub, a weekly coffeehouse of comedy arranged by local performers Joanne O'Sullivan and Bruce Hunter.

Other guests tonight are rumoured to include Albert Howell and Jack Mosshammer.

All rumours!

The Details:
Thursday, November 27th
The Blue Moon Cafe
(725 Queen Street East @ Broadview)

If you want to find her before the show, Becky plans on having a big veggie burger at Dangerous Dan's. Remember - the burgers are bigger at the Double D.

And, hey, this show is always free (that's right, even when Iron Cobra is not involved) and happens every week! Why not go there more?

Nov 26, 2003

The Catch23 return...

That's right, IRON COBRA is returning to its birthplace!

Back by popular demand, IRON COBRA is taking to the Catch23 stage once again.

The show will also feature powerhouse reigning champions, Shelley's Sweet Sixteen (Kurt Smeaton & Martin Gero) and host Albert Howell.

Monday, December 1st
Doors 8:30
Clinton's Tavern - 689 Bloor W

Nov 25, 2003

Iron Cobra Kills Bear, Saves Town!

Iron Cobra's lower right leg was amputated this summer. Still, Iron Cobra got on its crutches and went bow-hunting for deer last Friday. Using a fallen oak as a blind, Cobra waited for deer. Instead, a 420-pound bear started heading in its direction. When the bear was 25 feet away, Cobra shot it in the shoulder. (With a bow, mind you.) The Cobra then hustled out of there to avoid the wounded bear. It appears Cobra didn't need to; when his son went there the next day, he found the bear dead. Iron Cobra is giving away bear meat to its friends and residents are planning to have the bear either mounted or made into a rug.

Nov 24, 2003

A very pirate birthday

Happy Birthday, Pirate Video!

Come see Iron Cobra and an impressive line-up of other comedic gems including Levi MacDougall, Andy Boorman, Laurie Elliot, Alan Park, & More.

See info below!

Monday, November 24
@ Clinton's
693 Bloor St. W.
Doors 8:30, show 9:30
$5 at the door

Nov 15, 2003

IRON COBRA records.

For good or for ill, IRON COBRA has begun holding secret weekly meetings at the Iron Cobra Laboratories to record improptu comedies.

Check back here as often as you wish for the latest in recorded humour.

Pick favorites!
Collect them all!
Tell us what you think!

Nov 11, 2003

Happy Birthday, Pirate Video Cabaret!

Come see IRON COBRA at Pirate Video's big birthday bash.

We're hoping for cake.

Monday, November 24
@ Clinton's
693 Bloor St. W.
Doors 8:30, show 9:30
$5 at the door

This performance will also mark the return of the much-beloved Mike Deeyre on the keyboards!

Hooray for everything!

Nov 8, 2003

IRON COBRA rocks the Victory

Here is an image of Graham expressing his happiness in last night's performance.

The fundraiser for Brendan Gall's new play, Panhandled, was a rollercoaster ride to say the least. We screamed a lot.

Big thanks to Bren for being so tall and to Chris Gibbs for letting us drag him on stage to exploit his accent.

And hey, look at this:

How does Becky do that, anyway?

Thanks to Martin Gero for capturing the magic moment.

Nov 7, 2003

Tonight. 8:30. Victory Cafe.

Janet Leigh says come see our show tonight at the Victory Cafe.

Details below.

Nov 6, 2003

Pirate Video Cabaret. November 24. Hissssss.

Catch23 Improv has been gracious enough to hand their Monday night slot over to Pirate Video Cabaret in celebration of their 5th anniversary at Clinton's historic tavern.

As part of the deal, IRON COBRA will be defecting for an evening - or staying exactly where they usually are as a different show unfolds around them.

Come see what happens when pirates turn 5.

November 24
@ Clinton's
693 Bloor St. W.
Doors 8:30, show 9:30
$5 at the door

Oct 31, 2003

Novemeber 7th. 8:30pm. Victory Cafe. The Sting of Cobra.

This just in!

IRON COBRA will be performing in Singin' fer Our Supper.

Produced by Unspun Theatre, this joyride of an evening will serve as a fundraiser for the brilliant Brendan Gall's new play, Panhandled.

Look who else will be performing: Trish Fagan & Kate Keenan, Tim Gentle, Ben Harris, Greg MacDonald, Joanne O'Sullivan, SIMPLE (Steven Burley & Kyle Horton), Chris Stanton & More! Maybe! with host Craig Buchert

And look where it is:
Upstairs at the Victory Cafe
581 Markham St. (E. of Bathurst Station, just S. of Bloor)
Friday, November 7th, 2003
Doors: 8:30pm
Cost: $5

Beware the Cobra's bite!

Oct 30, 2003

Hello IRON COBRA fans!

Welcome to the information super highway...

...kinda boring, huh?



Oct 27, 2003

The Cobra returns from the 'Peg

Well we are back in Toronto safe and sound after a harrowing journey back from if... (Winnipeg's Improv Festival). There were blizzards and thunder showers to contend with but, with the help of our pal Mike Bell, we all made it back in one piece - which was weird because we were three pieces when we left. Oh well.

Big thanks to Steve Sim for organising the festival and to all the other performers for providing us with cool people to hang out with.