Dec 24, 2004

Did You Hear The One About Cancer? January 20.

Did You Hear The One About Cancer?

an annual fundraiser for the Cancer Society
presented by Mike Balazo & Mark Forward

It's safe to say that Mr. Francis is on the bill
and probably some other folks, too.

at The Rivoli

Dec 21, 2004

Comedy Network Airing. January 1.

The Cream of Comedy gauntlet comes to a close with the January 1st airing of the awards ceremony on the Comedy Network.

We're going to ruin the surprise: Katie Crown won!

Congratulations, Katie!

The telecast features performances by all the nominees.

In summation, we'd like to thank everyone. Especially Lindsay Leese, Kim Saltarski & Sarah Fowlie for taking a leap and letting us do improv on television.

January 1st, 2005
10:00pm est/pst
The Comedy Network

Dec 7, 2004

Last show of the year...forever. December 19.

Three Not Blind Not Mice

An evening of entertainment with the Gurg (Brian Barlow & Chris Locke), Bob Wiseman & IRON COBRA.

You should probably come.

The Rivoli
Queen & Spadina
December 19, 2004

Dec 6, 2004

Old Shoe. December 16.


The Old Shoe Comedy Show.

Sunny Liston presents this show of...comedy.

Paddy McMurphy's
More info TBA

Dec 3, 2004


IRON COBRA now has a motto/mandate.

"Invade the day."

That's it.