Nov 24, 2008

IRON COBRA performs for free Toronto.

Hi everyone,

This is Becky. Becky from IRON COBRA.

I am writing you all to inform you that we (IRON COBRA) will be performing tonight at the Comedy Bar in Toronto as part of catch23 Improv's we-put-Graham-in-charge-an
d-can't-feel-right-about-charging-you-money series.

The show starts at 9:00pm

I have to admit to being concerned about what will happen on stage. My irony was recently injured and now I am mostly doing baby characters that are kind of embarrassing for everyone. And Graham started wearing his pants backwards because he thinks that's what rap music is all about. Plus he wants to be all about rap music.

At least we will be outplayed by Peter Stevens, Kayla Lorette and Alana Johnston.

Did anyone read all of this?