Feb 17, 2004

catch23 - The Legacy Continues.

After a heartstoppingly narrow win, IRON COBRA defends their catch23 title once more.

This time the Cobra faces off against challengers Tonto's Nephews (Herbie Barnes, Craig Lauzon, Darryl Dennis & Micaela Washburn) and Guess Who's The Third Wheel (Martin Gero, Kurt Smeaton & Julie Dumais).

Monday, February 23
Clinton's Tavern
693 Bloor Street West
8:30 pm (doors)

Feb 14, 2004

Love us. See us. Love us.

This is really awkward...

We've kinda been avoiding it, but...

It's time to announce that:

IRON COBRA loves you.

We're still cool, right?


Then come see us perform on Monday night at Clinton's (Toronto) where we will be defending our Returning Champion Title at catch23 IMPROV.

In a strange and impossible twist of fate, Becky will also be competing against herself. Fortunately, this provides a final answer to a pervasive philisophical question: Art does immitate life.

Monday, February 16th
Clinton's Tavern
693 Bloor Street West
8:30 (doors)

Feb 11, 2004

IRON COBRA declares themselves "distractable."

Toronto, February 2004 --

Amid a spate of recent apathy, IRON COBRA has issued this statement:

"Sorry. We kinda started thinking about other things."

The Cobra also urged fans to "not get [them] wrong," stating that they do get together to record but simply haven't produced anything they "wish to share."

When asked why this might be, the duo simply shrugged then blushed and moments later had vanished in a cloud of snakes.

Feb 4, 2004

February 10th - The Clown Hall Cabaret

This just in from Clown Hall Headquarters:

Clown Hall Productions Presents:
"The Rivolations"
A Three Part Cabaret Series of Independant Artists

Part I

When: Tuesday, February 10th
Where: The Rivoli (The Back-Room)
Time: Show @ 8:00pm, Doors Open @ 7:30pm
Cost: $8.00
For More Information or Tickets call: 416.574.NOSE

The Line-up as usual is a stellar collection of Toronto's Hottest Acts...
MC'd by Max & Marcelle of Theatre Blank Blank and featuring...

Knock Knock Who's There Comedy - Sketch Comedy
Elana McMurtry - Original Solo Guitar
The Opera Boys - Speaks for itself!
Iron Cobra (Becky Johnson & Graham Wagner) - Improv
Kingsize - Toronto's Hottest Drag Kings
Sandra Bataglini - Clown
Nadia Urzomarzo - Stand-up Comedy
and with special guests...
Maricatu - The brazilian musical sensation...

Happy Birthday to us!

IRON COBRA would like to extend a warm thank you to everyone who attended catch23 IMPROV's first anniversary party this Monday.

IRON COBRA would especially like to thank The Remainders for being so impossibly funny. Have fun on your tour of Europe, Remainders! Toronto will miss you dearly.

Thank you also to the entire class for electing IRON COBRA Prom King & Queen. After a week off for catch23's all-couple Valentine's show, we will be back on the stage to defend our title on February 16th.

See you there!