Jul 22, 2004

DK Ranch. August 24.

To round out a week of performances, IRON COBRA will be doing a set at August's Cabaret at the DK Ranch.

Hosted by funny guys and avid renters, Derek Flores and Kristian Reimer, this is Toronto's only rooftop patio cabaret. Once a tiki torch caught fire and almost blew up Pat Kelly. Also, the cute little girl who lives next store sometimes comes out on her balcony and makes the performers feel guilty about cussing.

August 24th
255 College, Studio 3

Jul 21, 2004

Character Night 3rd Anniversary Bash. August 3.

IRON COBRA performs specially requested skecth comedy as part of The Shehori Brothers' Character Night 3rd Anniversary Extravaganza.

The line-up thus far is as follows:
The Imponderables
Iron Cobra
Derick Lengwenis
Punch Drysdale

Reid Along With Browning
& the Aryan musical stylings of Heino
(with other surprise guests forthcoming)

August 3rd, 2004
Tim Sims Playhouse
56 Blue Jays Way

Jul 17, 2004

catch23 IMPROV. July 19. We're back.

IRON COBRA returns to the catch23 stage from whence they came.

Versus challengers including Peter Oldring, Pat Kelly and others.

With host Kurt Smeaton.

Monday, July 19
Clinton's Tavern
693 Bloor Street West

Jul 14, 2004

The Incredible Lives of Mr. F.F. Muffingrim. July 21st.

Featuring Graham Cobra.

One would be remiss to miss...this.

Jul 8, 2004

The Yellow Griffin. July 18th.

IRON COBRA participates in the sixth installment of the super-west side's new comedy show.

From the press release:

Improv, Sketch Comedy and Stand-up

host: Perry Perlmutar
sketchprov by IRON COBRA
sketch comedy by The Iliads
something else by Not Yet
standup comedy by
Jeff Elliot
Matt Williamson
Mike McAuley
and a special bonus of certified real hypnotism by Dave Curran"

The Yellow Griffin Bar (Upstairs)
2202 Bloor St. W (at Runnymede)

Jul 5, 2004

Late Night @ the Fringe with the Rumoli Brothers.

IRON COBRA is doing a special guest spot on Late Night @ the Fringe with the Rumoli Brothers.

Just a tip.

Keep an eye out, the COBRA may be in disguise.

The bill also includes the dapper Rick and Benny Rumoli and their show writers The Distractions (Levi MacDougall, Tim Polley & Paul Schuck).

July 6th, 2004
The Tranzac Club
292 Brunswick Avenue
(at Bloor)