Sep 7, 2007

catch23 Returns. October 1.

It's official! The popular weekly improv show from whence we once sprang is returning to its weekly Monday night slot at Clinton's Tavern and we couldn't be happier to be playing the opening show (with our friend, Ron Pederson!)

Peter Oldring & Pat Kelly
IRON COBRA (feat. Ron Pederson)
Jan Caruana & Sandy Jobin-Beavens

Hosted by Kurt Smeaton
Judging by Graeme Bunton
Musical accompanyment by Mike De Eyre

Monday, October 1st
Clinton's Tavern
(Bloor & Christie)
(until I convince Kurt to come to his senses and charge $5)

Sep 2, 2007

Thank you, Georgia!

Dear Dad's Garage Theatre Company and other people of Georgia,

Thank you very much for having us back to your lovely city, theatre and/or tournament. Don't let the picture above confuse you; when Iron Cobra displays our trademark spectrum of ennuie and disgust, we are actually dsiplaying our special kind of "love".

We had a great time, and it wasn't just the mint juleps (although, seriously, Liz, it was). Furthermore, in the spirit of Canadian moderation, we are very happy to have left the stage as half of the first ever 1st place tie at your lovely tournament.

And thank you to team Los Angeles for sharing the 1st place spot with us.

And thank you to Josh Dean for joining us in the much-coveted Iron Cobra "buffer" position.

Love and stuff,

Becky Johnson
Iron Cobra

Aug 27, 2007

World Domination in Atlanta. August 29 - September 1.

This just in...

We are tickled as punch to be going back to Atlanta once again for the annual World Domination TheatreSports Tournament. This year, we will be joined by Iron Cobra founding member, Josh Dean, who we hope will win the audience over with his rugged good jokes. I feel dumb about saying that.

Also, since there is no tournament show on Wednesday this year, we hope you will all join us at the Doug Dank Project at Push Push.

Okee dokes,


Aug 26, 2007

Aug 13, 2007

Back from the Dead and in Toronto.

Hi World,

Bet you thought we were dead.

Well we were. But we got over it.

Now we are back and putting together a wee little show in Toronto to fortify ourselves for another trip down south to the World Domination Improv Tournament in Atlanta, Georgia. But more about that in a moment, back to Toronto - We are putting on a special little show to prepare ourselves for the trip and we have invited some special little guests to help us do so. Some people are still being confirmed (like Ayn Rand & Gabriel Byrne) but we know Bob Wiseman will do a set (possibly with a guest).

Monday, August 27th
Clinton's Tavern
9:00 start (I think)