Sep 2, 2007

Thank you, Georgia!

Dear Dad's Garage Theatre Company and other people of Georgia,

Thank you very much for having us back to your lovely city, theatre and/or tournament. Don't let the picture above confuse you; when Iron Cobra displays our trademark spectrum of ennuie and disgust, we are actually dsiplaying our special kind of "love".

We had a great time, and it wasn't just the mint juleps (although, seriously, Liz, it was). Furthermore, in the spirit of Canadian moderation, we are very happy to have left the stage as half of the first ever 1st place tie at your lovely tournament.

And thank you to team Los Angeles for sharing the 1st place spot with us.

And thank you to Josh Dean for joining us in the much-coveted Iron Cobra "buffer" position.

Love and stuff,

Becky Johnson
Iron Cobra

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