Mar 31, 2006

Vancouver. April 3.


The first show in our impossibly North American tour.

With very special guest Ehren Salazar.

Monday, April 3rd, 2006
Havana Theatre
1212 Commercial Drive
Tickets $8/$10 at the door

Mar 4, 2006

So Much!

IRON COBRA is back! Big time!

We have a crapload of things booked that will carry our little shells of bodies right through to July.

Here is but a sampling:

Photo by Klyment TanVancouver -
April 3, 2006
The Havana Theatre
1212 Commercial Drive
This show is being produced by us. Better information will appear here as in emerges. Well...the time and price, mostly.

Rochester -
April 9th, 2006
GEVA Nextstage
75 Woodbury Boulevard
Hosted by the folks at GEVA Comedy Improv.
They have a blog, if you're into that sort of thing.

Atlanta -
May 24-27, 2006
Dad's Garage Theatre Co.
280 Elizabeth Street, Suite C-101
As part of the 3rd Annual Atlanta Improv Festival.

Edmonton -
June 14-24, 2006
The Varscona Theatre
10329-83 Avenue
Hosted by the lovely folks at Rapid Fire Theatre.

Providence -
June 28-July 2, 2006
Venue TBA
As part of the 3rd Annual Providence Improv Festival.

...and it looks like there is even more to come, so stay informed!

We're on MySpace, which feels kind of lame somehow but also affords us a good online calendar. Look there for calendar-related items. And loose women.

And...if you want to know more news as it breaks, sign up for the mailing list using this:

We don't send that much crap and it's usually very useful.

Mar 3, 2006

Artists of Merit.

In preparation for IRON COBRA's impending Tour of Destruction, we have enlisted the help of a lovely and generous quintet of artists to help us in our endeavours.

Artwork by Brad SimonFirstly, the image to the right was created by Brooklyn-based artist Brad Simon who graciously lent it to us for the year as our tour artwork. You can buy copies of this very print from the wurst gallery's gocco exhibit and can also buy all kinds of art zines and prints from Brad's website. Do all of this.

As if that weren't enough, the lovely Emma Segal has volunteered to supply us with even more IRON COBRA buttons for the purposes of our new tour. So, if you already collected the 70 designs she made last year, fear not, your IRON COBRA shrine/tribute ruck sack can continue to evolve!

Also back for more punishment is entrancing Toronto-based silkscreen artists/anti-specialist, Hazel Bell-Koski who has once again agreed to hand silkscreen a billion strangely coloured t-shirts for the tour. We have been promised new mystery designs this time around and since we generally invite her to run wild with the COBRA shirts, even we don't know what will be on them.

Bryant Paul Johnson (no relation), the toast of Northampton, Massachusettes, has also agreed to make a few new IRON COBRA button designs. Bryant publishes two great online comics called Teaching Baby Paranoia and The Antecedent (respectively). These are some of the most erudite and informed things you may ever come across in internet comic land, or maybe anywhere. Come for the artwork, stay for the footnotes.

Finally, Rev. Aitor Coria has been enlisted to provide some promotional artwork for tour flyers and such. He prefers not to have an internet presence and generally not to be found. We do, however, happen to know that small bits of his artwork and writing can be found in this book. He will also probably agree to perform your marriage cerimony in many American states.