Dec 4, 2005

What happened?

Where did IRON COBRA go?

Well, it's a secret.

But there might be some news again soon.



Sep 19, 2005

Canadian Comedy Awards Voting Open. So Vote.

Voting is open!


Here are the catagories in which IRON COBRA is nominated:
Improv Troupe
Male Improviser (Graham)
Female Improviser (Becky)

...just in case you wanted to vote for us.

And we hear there are all kinds of other people to vote for, too.

Just follow this link - - clink on 'vote now' and vote. If you are a union or guild member, you are good to go. If you are not, you will have to send an email to the awards to state your relationship to the Canadian comedy industry.

Warning: signing up to vote can seem complicated. But you can do it.

Sep 13, 2005

catch23. September 19.

After winning catch23 on Monday in the most narrowest of manners, IRON COBRA will be ejecting Chris Craddock and banishing him back to Edmotnon where he belongs.

Seriously, thank you Chris. You are a king among men.

But now we have bigger fish to fry. We have to face our new foes, whomever they may be and stab them to death with an oversized novelty bullet.

Watch out!

Monday, September 19
Clinton's Tavern
693 Bloor Street West
(@ Christie Station)
8:30 (doors)
9:00 (start)

Sep 12, 2005

Crad. September 12.

Graham and Becky will be returning to the old stomping grounds at catch23 IMPROV to join visiting super star Chris Craddock on the boozy Clinton's stage.

Chris Craddock is the new Artistic Director of Rapid Fire Theatre in Edmonton.

IRON COBRA tends to like Chris, Rapid Fire and Edmonton.

Show starts at 9:00
Clinton's Tavern
693 Bloor Street West (@ Clinton/Christie)

Sep 9, 2005


IRON COBRA has been honoured to have been nominated for three (yes three) Canadian Comedy Awards this year.

We have been nominated as a "troupe" and as individuals.

And you can vote!

The awards and attached festival will be held in London, Ontario from October 19-23. Although it is uncertain whether IRON COBRA will be attending to perform as the "troupe" we are, Becky's probably going if only to see Diana Frances and Ellie Harvey again.

Sep 5, 2005

Thank you, Atlanta.

Once again, you were very nice to us.

That was really cool of you.

And thank you once again to the charming and talented Joel Abbott for not only accompanying us at this tournament but also at the Edmonton Improvaganza.

Aug 31, 2005

We're in Atlanta. Okay?


We're in Atlanta.

Look here to find out about what we are doing: Dad's Garage.

Also, sorry for not posting anything for a while.

And also, sorry for all the borken links on this site.

And sorry for saying borken instead of broken.

On top of that, this site will probably disappear for a few days soon.

The lovely Graeme "Tough Love" Bunton is helping us shirt our webhosting as he moves to Australia.

I said shirt. I meant shift.

Want to buy shirts? You can do that in Atlanta. Our friend Hazel Bell-Koski made them. She's a silkscreen goddess.

Okay bye,


PS - I don't know why this page looks so dumb. The people at Blogger won't answer my questions. They probably have better things to do. For real. I really think that. Bunton? Want to look at the code and tell me what I have messed up here?

Jul 26, 2005

The World's Smallest Improv Festival. November 19.

IRON COBRA is happy to announce that we are tentatively booked into Kitchener/Waterloo's only (and first?) festival of improvisation.

The World's Smallest Improv Festival will run one night and one night only (November 19, 2005) and is being presented by Waterloo's own Theatre on the Edge.

More info to come.

Jul 19, 2005

World Domination #2. August 31 - September 3.

It's official - IRON COBRA is a duo once again and we're go back to Atlanta's World Domination TheatreSports Championships to defend our title.

Look out world, we are hanging around and maybe will get you.

Jul 15, 2005

Thank you, Toronto!

Dear Toronto,

Thank you for showing such support and generally indulging my experiments in improvised theatre. Thanks to Graham for doing a show. And thanks to all the other performers who made the performances everything they were.

Now onward to Winnipeg.

Check back here soon, as the IRON COBRA you have all come to know and form opinions about has some actual plans to rise from the ashes...just a little bit.



Jul 14, 2005

Next Show: Late and Dirty with Nick Flanagan. Friday, July 15.

Nick Flanagan is something of a phenomenon in stand-up comedy. He really has an uncanny ability to divide audiences. People seem to adore or despise him. It's really kind of amazing.

As if his work isn't challenging enough, we've decided to invite Nick into our closing late-night show in an experimental attempt to bring stand-up and improv a little closer together.

Who knows, this could very well be the coffin nail in that unholy union.

It's our last show. It's late at night. The media can't hurt us anymore. Let's see what we do with that kind of freedom.

With Shenoah Allen, Mark Andrada, Paul Bates, Aurora Browne, Mark Chavez, Derek Flores, Sandy Jobin-Bevans, Becky Johnson, Dave Pearce, Sean Tabares & Waylen Miki.

Our Ever-updating Fringe schedule
Map to Venue
Read Our eye Review & Post Your Own

**For more Nick Flanagan, check out his monthly show, Joke Club, at the Drake Hotel**

Jul 13, 2005

Next Show: The West Show. Thursday, July 14.

The Best of the West!

A freeform slice of madness form a heap of Western Canadians.

Featuring Jason Bryden, Derek Flores, Ryan Gladstone, Bruce Horak, Bruce Hunter, Becky Johnson, Scott Montgomery, Rebecca Northan & Peter Oldring


Our Ever-updating Fringe schedule
Map to Venue
Read Our eye Review & Post Your Own

Jul 12, 2005

Next Show: The Directed Show. Wednesday, July 13.

Calgarian improviser/director extraordinaire, Rebecca Northan directs this hour-long improvised soap opera set at our very own Fringe festival.

Featuring Jim Annan, Christie Bruce, Derek Flores, Jen Goodhue, Albert Howell, Becky Johnson, Scott Montgomery and Teresa Pavlinek with music by Bruce Horak.


**For more Rebecca, Derek and Bruce check out The Big Button Show at Kidsvenue - directed by Rebecca and starring the boys**

Jul 11, 2005

Next Show: The Women's Show. Tuesday, July 12.

Come see an all-female show!

With choral work! And women!

Cast: Lauren Ash, Dale Boyer, Christie Bruce, Katie Crown, Becky Johnson, & Kathleen Phillips


Our Ever-updating Fringe schedule
Map to Venue

**For more all-woman improv, check out Rochelle Wilson's excellent Grrrzl Show monthly at the Bad Dog Theatre**

Jul 10, 2005

Next Show: The DDP Show. Monday July 11.

Who is DDP?

Some guy who makes music and comedy. But, who cares?

Let's do some improv!

With Shenoah Allen, Mark Andrada, Mark Chavez, Eric Hart, Becky Johnson, Kurt Smeaton & Sean Tabares.

But seriously, this will be a free-form longform improv show based on the music of Mr. David Dineen-Porter (DDP) and musically scored by this same gentleman.


Then after, we all trundle down to Clinton's where the real IRON COBRA will be competing at catch23 IMPROV. Check out this line up: IRON COBRA (Graham Wagner & Becky Johnson), Shelley's Sweet Sixteen (Kurt Smeaton & Martin Gero) & The Remainders (Katie Crown & Ryan V. Hays). And what's more? Your ticket stubs from the Fringe get you in FREE!

Our Ever-updating Fringe schedule
Map to Venue

**For more DDP check out The Iliads.**

Jul 9, 2005

Next Show: Brunch! Sunday, July 10.

No Gimmicks, no tricks.

Just a great cast.

Shenoah Allen, Mark Andrada, Herbie Barnes, Aurora Browne, Eric Hart, Becky Johnson, Kurt Smeaton, Sean Tabares & Bruce Horak.


Our Ever-updating Fringe schedule
Map to Venue

Jul 8, 2005

Next Show: Improvised Writing. Saturday July 9.

Featuring the lovely and talented Mike Balazo and Kathleen Phillips, the next IRON COBRA Improv show will be a fusion of live writing and improvised scenework.

Mike and Kathleen will write constantly for an hour. They will read. People will make up scenes.

It will be crazy and fun.

Cast: Shenoah Allen, Herbie Barnes, Becky Johnson, Scott Montgomery, Dave Pearce, Kurt Smeaton
Music: Jeff Santos

Our Ever-updating Fringe schedule
Map to Venue

**For more Mike Balazo, check your listings for Mr. Francis shows at Clinton's and The Cinnamen monthly at the Oasis. For more Kathleen Phillips, look out for Super Pen Pals Secret Reading Society and The Cinnamen.**

Jul 7, 2005

IRON COBRA Fringe Schedule.


From now on, our constantly changing fringe schedule will be found here. The one below on the news page is already out of date.

I also made a map to the venue.



Jul 5, 2005

Toronto Fringe Details. July 7-15.

Well, here it is - our Fringe line-up.

Changes will undoubtedly occur with a cast this big but don't the shows look great?

(Venue and ticket details at bottom of this posting)

+ + +
Thursday, July 7 – 10:30pm
The Opening Show!
Shenoah Allen, Paul Bates, Aurora Browne, Mark Chavez, Derek Flores, Sandy Jobin-Bevans & Becky Johnson
Jamey Rosen

Saturday, July 9 – 7:30pm
The Improvised Writing Show!
Mike Balazo & Kathleen Phillips
Herbie Barnes, Kerry Griffin, Becky Johnson, Scott Montgomery, Dave Pearce, Kurt Smeaton
Jeff Santos

Sunday, July 10 – 1:00pm
The Brunch Show!
Paul Bates, Aurora Browne, Kerry Griffin, Eric Hart, Becky Johnson, Kurt Smeaton & Sean Tabares
Chris Tindal

Monday, July 11 – 6:15pm
The DDP Show!
Shenoah Allen, Mark Andrada, Mark Chavez, Derek Flores, Eric Hart, Becky Johnson, Kurt Smeaton & Sean Tabares
David Dineen-Porter

Tuesday, July 12 – 1:00pm
The Women's Show!
Lauren Ash, Dale Boyer, Becky Johnson, Teresa Pavlinek, Kathleen Phillips, Rebecca Northan, Naomi Sneickus

Wednesday, July 13 – 8:00pm
The Directed Show!
Rebecca Northan
Jim Annan, Christy Bruce, Derek Flores, Albert Howell, Becky Johnson, Scott Montgomery & Teresa Pavlinek
Bruce Horak

Thursday, July 14 – 3:30pm
The West Show!
Christy Bruce, Jason Bryden, Derek Flores, Albert Howell, Becky Johnson, Scott Montgomery, Rebecca Northan, & Naomi Sneickus
Bruce Horak

Friday, July 15 - 11:30pm
The Late Night Flanagan Show!
Nick Flanagan
Mark Andrada, Paul Bates, Aurora Browne, Derek Flores, Sandy Jobin-Bevans, Becky Johnson, Dave Pearce & Sean Tabares
Chris Tindal

+ + +
Venue #11 - Glen Morris Theatre
4 Glen Morris Street

+ + +
Tickets: $8 "at the door"
$10 in advance
Passes: $6.50 - $7.50

Jun 16, 2005

IRON COBRA Improv. Toronto Fringe. July 6-17.

Okay, so...

This is very exciting.

IRON COBRA (well, mostly Becky, as Graham may possibly be indesposed) is hosting Toronto's very first Big Stupid Improv Show-esque event at the Toronto Fringe. It's called IRON COBRA Improv, which made more sense before Graham became indesposed.

The Big Stupid is an Edmonton/Winnipeg Fringe tradition that sprang out of last minute Fringe cancellations. In that event, an improv show would be thrown into a venue bringing together improvisers travelling through town for the Fringe.

But who cares, right?

In our version, the performers will be mostly local as our lovely city has a glut of amazing improvisers.

Just check out who is on the line-up so far:

Teresa Pavlinek, Scott Montgomery, Derek Flores, Paul Bates, Sandy Jobin-Bevans, Albert Howell, Naomi Sneickus, Jason Bryden, Kerry Griffin, Eric Hart, David Dineen-Porter, Aurora Browne, Rebecca Northan, Sean Tabares, Kathleen Phillips, Dave Pearce, Kurt Smeaton, Jamey Rosen, Dale Boyer, Chris Tindal, Mark Andrada, Chris Gibbs, Nick Flanagan, Jeff Santos

...with more to come.

Not too shabby, eh?

Every show will be different with a different theme (all women, all westerners, Nick Flanagan's evening of filth...).

Specific show rundowns will be posted soon.

But here is the schedule:

Venue #11 - Glen Morris Theatre / 4 Glen Morris Street

Thu, July 7 10:30 PM
Sat, July 9 7:30 PM
Sun, July 10 1:00 PM
Mon, July 11 6:15 PM
Tue, July 12 1:00 PM
Wed, July 13 8:00 PM
Thu, July 14 3:30 PM
Fri, July 15 11:30 PM

Tickets: $8 "at the door" / $10 in advance / Passes: $6.50 - $7.50

Jun 15, 2005

Edmonton, Improvaganza. June 15-25.

Edmotn's own Rapid Fire Theatre hosts ten days of improv in their fine city and IRON COBRA will be there.

But we won't be alone. No, no. We have been sent to this tournament to destroy teams from Atlanta, Winnipeg, Slovenia, Belgium, Toronto (that's another team from Toronto), Seattle, Portland, Berlin, Regina and, of course, Edmonton.

Pretty nifty, eh?

Check the Rapid Fire website for more info and performance schedules.

P.S. - That's Bill over there.

Apr 26, 2005

Chicago. April 30.

IRON COBRA performs at the Chicago Improv Festival opening for Chicago improv folks Susan Messing and Mick Napier.

And...just announced...we will be joined on stage by fellow Ontarian and musical improviser to the stars, Jamey Rosen! Jamey is in Chicago doing about a million shows including his own, Entropy.

Come out and watch, Chi-town.

Duo Stage
Athenaeum Studio Theatre #1
2936 N. Southport Ave.
April 30th, 11:30pm
Tickets are $10
Tickets available at box office
Tickets available at Ticketmaster or by phone (312-902-1500)

Apr 19, 2005

The IRON COBRA Fishbowl of Comedy! April 24.

Come one, come all to the IRON COBRA Fishbowl of Comedy!

The greatest event ever!*

Watch an abnormal and unmanagable number of performers collide on stage in ways even they can't currently imagine.

Featuring performances by Lauren Ash, Mike Balazo, Aurora Browne, James Brylowski, Rod Crawford, David Dineen-Porter, Derek Flores, Kevin Gillese, Jen Goodhue, Sandy Jobin-Bevans, IRON COBRA, Pat Kelly, Levi MacDougall, Rebecca Northan, Kathleen Phillips, Tim Polley, Paul Schuck, Kurt Smeaton, Sean Tabares & even more!

How one earth could we possibly accomodate all these people, you ask?

In a fishbowl.

See you there.

Sunday, April 24th
Clinton's Tavern
693 Bloor Street West
8:30 (doors)

9:00 (show)

*New IRON COBRA buttons (designed by Emma Segal) and t-shirts (designed by Hazel Bell-Koski) will be available for sale. We have some information to support the belief that these facts make this event the bestest ever.

Apr 13, 2005

All Good Things... . April 17.

All Good Things...
A tribute to the Tim Sims Playhouse

The Toronto Second City is moving out of it's current digs at 56 Blue Jays Way. And, while the mainstage show will return - after a hiatus - to a new venue, there are currently no plans to reestablish the Tim Sims Playhouse elsewhere.

As a small and affordable theatrical venue, the Playhouse has been a great asset to the Toronto comedy community.

It will close it's doors on Sunday, April 17th with a blow-out show that will probably be very very long. But also, very free. Sponsored by Lindsay Leese and Andrew Alexander and Produced by the brothers Shehori, All Good Things... will feature round abouts 30 acts (that's right, bring a snack) paying tribute to the playhouse.

IRON COBRA will be there. We have 3-5 minutes to entertain you.

Sunday, April 17th
Tim Sims Playhouse
56 Blue Jays Way

Apr 1, 2005

IRON COBRA's Fishbowl of Comedy. April 24.

IRON COBRA announces the IRON COBRA Fishbowl of Comedy.

This will be IRON COBRA's big fundraiser show for the trip to the Chicago Improv Festival. That's right, IRON COBRA.

But more important that raising funds, this show will be great.

It will be packed to the gills (Get it? Fish. Fish have gills.) with special guests and we'll have some crap for sale. New buttons designed by the amazing Emma Segal are in the works and t-shirts by the beguiling Hazel Bell-Koski are also rhumoured to be unveiled.

Sundday, April 24th, 2005
Clinton's Historic Tavern
693 Bloor Street West
8:30 doors
9:00 show
Pay What You Can

Write it in your calendars and dayplanners now. More details and announcements to follow.

Mar 14, 2005

Mr. Francis Presents... . March 29.

IRON COBRA will be performing with a bunch of great people in the monthly Mr. Francis show at the end of this very month.

Mr. Francis is Mike Balazo & Mark Forward.

Also performing will be cool dudes like:
Reid Along With Browning
Kathleen Phillips
Terrence Balazo
& The Special Guests!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Clinton's Tavern
693 Bloor Street West

Please see attached flyer for similar information and a humourous picture.

Hey, you can also vote for Mike Balazo's sketch "Toothville" for CBC Radio's Stand and Deliver audio comedy contest here (performed by Mike and Kathleen Phillips). It is quite really funny.

Feb 26, 2005

IRON COBRA on CIUT. March 5.

In support of the catch23 Tournament of Wonders, IRON COBRA will be the special guests of local comedy legend, Cap'n Dave, for his weekly comedy hour, Radio Stage, on CIUT 89.5FM.

Listen up!

This special show will feature a collection of audio comedy that we have amassed through our supterranian network of secret comedy lairs - featuring Tournamnet of Wonders performers and other friends from across the continent.

Those currently involved include:
Ghost Robot
The Iliads
David Dineen-Porter
Mike Balazo & Kathleen Phillips
Los Shut Up
Peter Stevens

...with more to come.

March 5, 2005
11:00am - noon
CIUT 89.5 FM
(in the Toronto area)
(via the internet)
Channel 826
(Star Choice's National Satellite Network)

Feb 16, 2005

College Street Improv Syndicate. March 5.

IRON COBRA is happy to finally be involved with the College Street Improv Syndicate (C!S!I!S!) ...and for their first anniversary celebration, no less.

C!S!I!S! One Year Anniverary Fiesta

The Illustrated Men - David Huband, Bruce Hunter & Adrian Truss
Iron Cobra - That is us
DJ Cajo - Karaoke spin queen Catherine Johnson
Devious - Improv guitar on tilt from Kiran Sachdev
The As Is Syndicate - Gene Abella, James Gangl, Eric Hart, Justin
Renwick & Sean Tebares.

Saturday March 5th
9pm (doors at 8:30)
The Oasis
294 College St

Feb 11, 2005

Pajama Men. February 23-26.

IRON COBRA will be opening for Pajama Men (the artists formerly known as SABOTAGE) for the last four nights of their month-long run at the Tim Sims Playhouse.

Their new show, Stop Not Going, is running the entire month of February if you have to go another night. Other opening acts include Chris Gibbs, The Rumoli Brothers, The Imponderables, Reid Along with Browning, The Minnesota Wrecking Crew, Knock Knock. Who's There? Comedy! & The Burnt Marshmallows (who share the bill with us).

February 23-26
Performances Nightly
9:00pm (Wednesday-Friday)
10:30 (Saturday)
The Tim Sims Playhouse
Second City Toronto
Tickets $12/$15
Box Office: 416.343.0011

Feb 7, 2005

Announcing the catch23 Tournament of Wonders!

Artwork by Emma Segal

Graham and Becky (and Julie Dumais and Kurt Smeaton) are pleased to officially announce the first ever catch23 Tournament of Wonders coming to Toronto March 7th -12th , 2005.

Basically, it is going to be amazing.

Visiting acts include Winnipeg's CRUMBS (Lee White & Stephen Sim), Atlanta's Dad's Garage Theatre Company (sending Rene Dellefont, Matt Stanton, Z Gillispie, Lucky Yates & Matt Horgan), Edmonton's Rapid Fire Theatre (sending Donovan Workun, Chris "The Condor" Connelly & Kevin Gillese) and Vancouver's lone wolves Noah Lepawsky & Ehren Salazar.

Locals include Slap Happy, The Bad Dog Theatre Company, Katie Crown, The Iliads, Levi MacDougall, Bob Wiseman, Peter Oldring, Makesi Arthur, soundtrack project, Jerry Schaefer's Flash Fiction & so so many more.

March 7th - 12th, 2005
The Poor Alex Theatre
(with Mondays still at Clinton's Tavern)
Tickets $6-$8 \Week Passes $40

Feb 3, 2005

Travels of the Future.

IRON COBRA is pleased to announce some travels upcoming this spring.

We have been invited to a series of festivals in what we like to call "the tri-city area" (Chicago, Edmonton & Providence).

Here they are:

Chicago Improv Festival (Duos Stage)
April 22 - May 1, 2005

Providence Improv Festival
June 9 - 12, 2005

Improvaganza (Edmonton)
June 15 - 25, 2005

Although scheduling conflicts may keep us from Providence this year we are currently trying are darndest to see that we get there.

Get ready, random cities!

Jan 29, 2005

catch23 IMPROV, 2 Years Young! February 7.

This is really Becky's mom.

The catch23 IMPROV 2nd Year Anniversary Show.

(or 'How Have We Made It This Far?')

Featuring some of the year's favorite teams including IRON COBRA and Cockz With Swordz (Derek Flores, Scott Montgomery & Jim Annan) with other fine folks like Kurt Smeaton, Julie Dumais, Ryan V. Hays & Brendan Gall.

Seriously, get there early this year. Who knows? There may be cake.

Clinton's Tavern
693 Bloor Street West
8:30 doors
9:00 show

Jan 16, 2005

LGBT Awareness Week (Winnipeg). February 8.

IRON COBRA is happy to announce that they have been invited by the University of Winnipeg's Rainbow Pride Mosaic to perform as part of a coffee house for LGBT Awareness Week at the UofM.

We will be joined by our good friends Crumbs and other acts TBA.

The show will be free with donations being accepted for the Nine Circles Community Health Centre in Winnipeg.

The coffee house will be held at the Degrees Restaurant on the University of Manitoba campus. We are told there will good coffee and pastries available.

Full programming for the week can be found here.

Jan 13, 2005

New Video.

New (very poor quality) video available here.

Better resolution versions will be posted soonish.

These clips are from our set at the Tims Sims Nominee Showcase 2004 (recorded October 25th, 2004 at the Tim Sims Playhouse, Second City Toronto).

Jan 7, 2005

The Cancer Show Becomes The Tsunami Show. January 20.

Due to a last-minute tour for Mark Forward and some general global malfunction, what was a fundraiser for the Cancer Society will now be benefiting the tsunami relief effort*.

With Performances by
Mike Balazo
Katie Crown

& more

January 20, 2005
The Rivoli

*A Cancer Society fundraiser will be rescheduled for later in the year.