Jul 14, 2005

Next Show: Late and Dirty with Nick Flanagan. Friday, July 15.

Nick Flanagan is something of a phenomenon in stand-up comedy. He really has an uncanny ability to divide audiences. People seem to adore or despise him. It's really kind of amazing.

As if his work isn't challenging enough, we've decided to invite Nick into our closing late-night show in an experimental attempt to bring stand-up and improv a little closer together.

Who knows, this could very well be the coffin nail in that unholy union.

It's our last show. It's late at night. The media can't hurt us anymore. Let's see what we do with that kind of freedom.

With Shenoah Allen, Mark Andrada, Paul Bates, Aurora Browne, Mark Chavez, Derek Flores, Sandy Jobin-Bevans, Becky Johnson, Dave Pearce, Sean Tabares & Waylen Miki.

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**For more Nick Flanagan, check out his monthly show, Joke Club, at the Drake Hotel**

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