Jul 8, 2005

Next Show: Improvised Writing. Saturday July 9.

Featuring the lovely and talented Mike Balazo and Kathleen Phillips, the next IRON COBRA Improv show will be a fusion of live writing and improvised scenework.

Mike and Kathleen will write constantly for an hour. They will read. People will make up scenes.

It will be crazy and fun.

Cast: Shenoah Allen, Herbie Barnes, Becky Johnson, Scott Montgomery, Dave Pearce, Kurt Smeaton
Music: Jeff Santos

Our Ever-updating Fringe schedule
Map to Venue

**For more Mike Balazo, check your listings for Mr. Francis shows at Clinton's and The Cinnamen monthly at the Oasis. For more Kathleen Phillips, look out for Super Pen Pals Secret Reading Society and The Cinnamen.**

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