Oct 23, 2004

Dorothy Said Fundraiser. November 19.

IRON COBRA will be hosting an evening of mucial virtuosity in support of Toronto's newest theatre company, Dorothy Said Theatre!

Musical acts include...
Danny Michel
Peter Elkas
Mike Plume
Reid Jamieson
and Harmony Trowbridge

November 19th
The Drake Hotel Underground
For more information e-mail dorothysaid@hotmail.com

Oct 22, 2004

Becky on CIUT (Toronto).

This just in!

Becky will be interviewed tomorrow morning on CIUT 89.5FM as a guest of Cap'n Dave's Comedy Hour .

What does this mean?

Only time will tell.

Saturday, October 23
11:00am - NOON (EST)
CIUT 89.5FM in Toronto
or via the web at ciut.fm

Oct 19, 2004

Joke Club. November 10th.

The gentle and mysterious Nick Flanagan has invited us to do his big comedy show at the Drake.

The line-up looks good.

It is at the Drake.

Are our haircuts cool enough for our comedy?


Makesi Arthur
Iron Cobra
Chris Locke
Mack Lawrenz
Katie Crown
Sarah Hennesey
MC Nick Flanagan
mime by the Famous Nick Flanagan People Players
and tunes by DJ Illarious

Wednesday November 10
the Drake Underground
1150 Queen Street West

Oct 13, 2004


The tour is off!

Take that, world!

Due to financial concerns beyond our control, IRON COBRA has made the difficult decision to cancel our previously upcoming midwestern tour.

Fear not, prairies of Canada, Becky will still be coming to Winnipeg for the improv festival and possibly teaching some clowning and/or awareness workshops.

There are also a few more chances coming up to see IRON COBRA in the greater Toronto area. As for the rest of the world, it would all be a lot easier if you would just quit being so far away.

Oct 8, 2004

The Greatest of Complimets.

From Teaching Baby Paranoia, October 8-15, 2004:

The inspiration for the above illustration (titled "Little Drummer Girl") can be found here. It made me spit tea out my nose.

Oct 6, 2004


Look our weird cities of the midwest, IRON COBRA is on...


Winnipeg - Minneapolis - Chicago
October 28 - November 6, 2004

October 28, 29 & 30
if... (Winnipeg's Improv Festival)
IRON COBRA returns to the annual festival to do whatever Steve Sim asks.
the Gas Station Theatre
455 River Avenue
Performances Nightly

November 1
IRON COBRA does a 45-60 minute 'fishbowl' set after local acts including our hosts, Five Man Job.
Brave New Workshop
2605 Hennepin Avenue

November 6
IRON COBRA does a set as part of the Saturday Night Showcase presented by Chemically Imbalanced Comedy.
the Cornservatory
4210 N Lincoln

Thanks to those who helped us book this little tour: Steve Sim, Butch Roy & Tony Mendoza.

Oct 2, 2004

Tim Sims Nominee Showcase.

An evening of performances from the Tim Sims Encouragement Fund Award Nominees.

Katie Crown
Knock Knock. Who's There? Comedy!
Mike Balazo
Darrin Rows
Iron Cobra

October 25, 2004
Tim Sims Playhouse
Second City Toronto
56 Blue Jays Way
Tickets: FREE
Box Office: 416.343.0011