Aug 31, 2005

We're in Atlanta. Okay?


We're in Atlanta.

Look here to find out about what we are doing: Dad's Garage.

Also, sorry for not posting anything for a while.

And also, sorry for all the borken links on this site.

And sorry for saying borken instead of broken.

On top of that, this site will probably disappear for a few days soon.

The lovely Graeme "Tough Love" Bunton is helping us shirt our webhosting as he moves to Australia.

I said shirt. I meant shift.

Want to buy shirts? You can do that in Atlanta. Our friend Hazel Bell-Koski made them. She's a silkscreen goddess.

Okay bye,


PS - I don't know why this page looks so dumb. The people at Blogger won't answer my questions. They probably have better things to do. For real. I really think that. Bunton? Want to look at the code and tell me what I have messed up here?