Feb 7, 2005

Announcing the catch23 Tournament of Wonders!

Artwork by Emma Segal

Graham and Becky (and Julie Dumais and Kurt Smeaton) are pleased to officially announce the first ever catch23 Tournament of Wonders coming to Toronto March 7th -12th , 2005.

Basically, it is going to be amazing.

Visiting acts include Winnipeg's CRUMBS (Lee White & Stephen Sim), Atlanta's Dad's Garage Theatre Company (sending Rene Dellefont, Matt Stanton, Z Gillispie, Lucky Yates & Matt Horgan), Edmonton's Rapid Fire Theatre (sending Donovan Workun, Chris "The Condor" Connelly & Kevin Gillese) and Vancouver's lone wolves Noah Lepawsky & Ehren Salazar.

Locals include Slap Happy, The Bad Dog Theatre Company, Katie Crown, The Iliads, Levi MacDougall, Bob Wiseman, Peter Oldring, Makesi Arthur, soundtrack project, Jerry Schaefer's Flash Fiction & so so many more.

March 7th - 12th, 2005
The Poor Alex Theatre
(with Mondays still at Clinton's Tavern)
Tickets $6-$8 \Week Passes $40

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