Feb 11, 2005

Pajama Men. February 23-26.

IRON COBRA will be opening for Pajama Men (the artists formerly known as SABOTAGE) for the last four nights of their month-long run at the Tim Sims Playhouse.

Their new show, Stop Not Going, is running the entire month of February if you have to go another night. Other opening acts include Chris Gibbs, The Rumoli Brothers, The Imponderables, Reid Along with Browning, The Minnesota Wrecking Crew, Knock Knock. Who's There? Comedy! & The Burnt Marshmallows (who share the bill with us).

February 23-26
Performances Nightly
9:00pm (Wednesday-Friday)
10:30 (Saturday)
The Tim Sims Playhouse
Second City Toronto
Tickets $12/$15
Box Office: 416.343.0011

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