Mar 4, 2006

So Much!

IRON COBRA is back! Big time!

We have a crapload of things booked that will carry our little shells of bodies right through to July.

Here is but a sampling:

Photo by Klyment TanVancouver -
April 3, 2006
The Havana Theatre
1212 Commercial Drive
This show is being produced by us. Better information will appear here as in emerges. Well...the time and price, mostly.

Rochester -
April 9th, 2006
GEVA Nextstage
75 Woodbury Boulevard
Hosted by the folks at GEVA Comedy Improv.
They have a blog, if you're into that sort of thing.

Atlanta -
May 24-27, 2006
Dad's Garage Theatre Co.
280 Elizabeth Street, Suite C-101
As part of the 3rd Annual Atlanta Improv Festival.

Edmonton -
June 14-24, 2006
The Varscona Theatre
10329-83 Avenue
Hosted by the lovely folks at Rapid Fire Theatre.

Providence -
June 28-July 2, 2006
Venue TBA
As part of the 3rd Annual Providence Improv Festival.

...and it looks like there is even more to come, so stay informed!

We're on MySpace, which feels kind of lame somehow but also affords us a good online calendar. Look there for calendar-related items. And loose women.

And...if you want to know more news as it breaks, sign up for the mailing list using this:

We don't send that much crap and it's usually very useful.

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