Oct 31, 2003

Novemeber 7th. 8:30pm. Victory Cafe. The Sting of Cobra.

This just in!

IRON COBRA will be performing in Singin' fer Our Supper.

Produced by Unspun Theatre, this joyride of an evening will serve as a fundraiser for the brilliant Brendan Gall's new play, Panhandled.

Look who else will be performing: Trish Fagan & Kate Keenan, Tim Gentle, Ben Harris, Greg MacDonald, Joanne O'Sullivan, SIMPLE (Steven Burley & Kyle Horton), Chris Stanton & More! Maybe! with host Craig Buchert

And look where it is:
Upstairs at the Victory Cafe
581 Markham St. (E. of Bathurst Station, just S. of Bloor)
Friday, November 7th, 2003
Doors: 8:30pm
Cost: $5

Beware the Cobra's bite!

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