Mar 23, 2004

IRON COBRA on UMFM (Winnipeg)

Berlin/Toronto/Winnpeg, March 2004 --

This just in.

It has come to the attention of Iron Cobra (through a communique early this morning from Berlin) that some of their "little skits" have been aired on the CRUMBS Radio Hour on UMFM in Winnipeg.

The Broadcasts have transpired over the past couple of weeks and are expected to repeat on the station during the CRUMBS sojourn in Europe over the next month.

If you or any of your friends live in the Winnipeg area and are either unable or unwilling to listen to said "skits" on the internet, this may be a good opportunity for you. Not only will you have the chance to hear some Cobra, you will also discover a show wherein you can call weekly and talk to two guys about (really) whatever the dickens you want.

The CRUMBS Comedy Hour
Every Monday noon - 1:00pm (Central Standard Time)
UMFM 101.5
streaming on the internet at

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