Apr 1, 2004

A Call for Suggestions

Toronto, March 2004 --

Due to a fortuitous turn of events, snakes of improvisation, IRON COBRA, have found themselves with access to plenty of clean and clear studio recording time.

Since these sessions have no audience save the lovely James "Textbook" Hodgkinson in the booth, the Cobra is currently seeking suggestions. Try as they might, the duo has found Mr. Textbook awfully reluctant to provide said material. So, while they attempt further coersion, suggestions are being requested by email from internet strangers. That could be you!

Pre-studio recordings can be found here.
Suggestions can me mailed here.

note: IRON COBRA has recently been working from starting points of relationships and situations as opposed to, say, "cheese cloth" or "Seinfeld." But, as beggars can't be choosers, all suggestions are welcome.

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