May 13, 2004

Thank Yous.

We have a couple thank you's to toss out for this past week's shows.

Thanks to Kevin McLeod for teching our show at the Tim Sims when Angola sprained her neck. Congratulstions on your first show!

Thanks to Ken Ferrell and Graeme Bunton for taping.

And thanks to everyone who came out to the Cobra Benefit show. The boys raised over $500 for the little kickers - that's the sponsorship fee plus a good bit of spoiling cash.

Just for the record, contrary to past information, IRON COBRA did not take any money from the benefit show. C'mon, these are kids.

If you want to see Toronto's fiercest little league team in action (and the only one sponsored by a bunch of rock stars) word on the street is that they can be caught Saturday mornings at Christie Pits Park.

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