Jun 28, 2004

Other People's Shows.

This just in!

Two back to back shows announced for August.

In a rare combination of laziness and regard, IRON COBRA aids in supporting the visions of others.

August 25th - IRON COBRA will be doing a hearty set to warm up the stage for the presentation of Andrew Love's new solo show (as directed by Mark Andrada).

August 26th - Graham and Becky will be performing in an evening of comedy written by David Dineen-Porter. The rest of the ensemble includes Katie Crown, Levi MacDougall, Chris "Hilarious" Gibbs and Mr. Dineen-Porter himself.

Both shows at the Tim Sims Playhouse
Second City Toronto
56 Blue Jays Way
info/tickets: 416.343.0011

More details to be announced on both shows. Due to proximity (both general and in relation to these shows) we are trying to set up some discount for seeing both wildly different nights.

Check the calendar for other summer dates.

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