Sep 17, 2004

catch23 Returning Champeens.

Dear everybody,

Thank you for your narrow votes of support last week. We won, anyway.

This victory, however, did not fall upon us without the delicate talents of the two charming improvisers we dragged onto the stage with us - Peter Stevens and Kevin Gillese. Thank you, gentlemen, your efforts did not go unnoticed.

As a result, we have realized that we do our best work when cowering behind the "skillz" of others and thus have invited Mr. Gillese to join us next Monday. Fear not, Mr. Stevens, your arbitrary time shall come as well.

But this week we summon the power of Gillese to vanquish our foes (a varied and impressive line-up featuring Derek Flores, Rebecca Northan, Kurt Smeaton, Julie Dumais, Alana Johnston and Scott Montgomery)!



Monday, September 20th
Clinton's Tavern
693 Bloor Street West
8:30 (doors)

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