Oct 13, 2009

Guests announced for extra-spooky October 29th Show.

Hey look up there! It's long-time friend and honorary Cobra, Kenneth Farrell of Gravity Wave. He will be hollering at y'all solo at our next Toronto show. Maybe he'll jump around (it happens), or help us make scenes.

And who's this plucky ranger? Why it's Bob Kerr of the Sketchersons and Sunday Night Live (I can't find links for you guys, Google just throws me weird worship circles and the like). Bob set himself a lofty goal of doing 100 stand-up sets in 2009. At last count he is at about 88. Not only do we generally respond well to challenges of quantity, Iron Cobra also loves to coattail on any record attempt. ANY. So we are giving Bob the stage for part of our October show. But since these Iron Cobra shows aim to be a fully integrated entertainment experience and not just your run-of-the-mill cabaret, Bob has agreed to our caveat that we be given microphones during he set so that we can comment on the proceedings as they happen. This is true.

As always, we will also be nuzzled by Mark Andrada from the booth. He also has a microphone back there...

Iron Cobra Show
Thursday, October 29th
Comedy Bar
945 Bloor Street West
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