Jun 13, 2009

Big news: New monthy show in Toronto.

Photo by Charlie Bellemare

Apologies for this strange and out-of-date picture. We are much older and normaller now. It's just that the internet is so visual these days we couldn't fathom imageless news.

But this is not important. What is important is that we have just done some hand shaking with Mr. Gary Rideout Jr. to secure a monthly spot at the illustrious Comedy Bar on posh Bloor Street West.

After we get some summer touring out of our systems, we will be taking over the 9:30 slot on the last Wednesday of the month. Here are some details for that hardcore fan of ours:
Wednesday, September 30 - 9:30pm
Wednesday, October 28 - 9:30pm
Wednesday, November 25 - 9:30pm

We are going to give this thing a three month go so it will be up to you, throngs, to tell us whether it is a good idea or not. If it is, we will extend the run and end up performing the day before New Year's Eve. This can't fail!

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