Jun 2, 2009

catch23 lives on.

As our million readers well know, IRON COBRA was orginally born as a team at catch23 Improv, a loosely competitive improv show in the city of Toronto. At that time we also had some dead weight named Josh holding us back (thankfully, we managed to pawn him off on a string of television and film successes and were able to get on with our public spats unhindered).

catch23 has gone through many, many changes over the years. It has gone through plagues of fights, many power shifts, at least one demise and many resurrections. At this point, it seems time to accept that the vicissitudes of the show are within its basic nature.

To that end, the two of us have come back on board again as producers (for as long as the show will have us back). We are joined by Kurt Smeaton, Kayla Lorette and Alana Johnston in this undertaking and like them all quite a great deal. Even when we are away on tour, catch23 will be our home in Toronto - a show where people can kind of do what they please even if they make a hot mess. That's how we like our homes; hot and messy.

You can join us for catch23's 7 Year Anniversary Show on Friday, June 5th, 8:00pm at the Comedy Bar (945 Queen Street West). Graham will play with Alana and Becky with play with Kayla.

For more information check the catch23 website, facebook group or twitter.

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