Sep 14, 2009

Home on the Road.

Photo by Rene Dellefont

We had very little internet access this weekend so updates about this year's World Domination TheatreSports Tournament were not as constant as they could have been. Just to make sure we never forget, I will try to list everything that happened over four days here:

-My mom drove us to Buffalo
-We ran into Woodhands in the Buffalo Airport
-Chris Blair told us that Team Vancouver had been turned back at the border
-We did a show where we got totally slimed
-Prison Shower!
-We got drunk
-We blacked out for the rest of the time
-Vague memories of everyone being really funny
-Whirly Ball!
-Graham threw up from eating too much ribs
-So did Josh
-We made things up on stage and/or read some favorite scripts
-Dance party DJ'ed by Rene!
-Another blackout
-Chris Blair helped us clarify our artistic visions on stage
-Drinking games
-We lost our trophy or maybe Arlen stole it
-We got to ride back to Toronto on a double-decker bus!

So that is my version of things. Graham might pipe up with his, but it seems unlikely. Also, more pictures might appear here (but this is also unlikely). At the very least, Whirly Ball merits some visuals aids. So does the reality of what we look like soaked in maple syrup, mayonnaise and chocolate.



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