Sep 5, 2009

Sneak Preview of New Commodities.

Yesterday, the Iron Cobra labs were all abuzz with merchandising. Pictured here is a sneak peek at some "tee shirts" we have been developing to support our "comedy".

Look for them at our monthly shows and on your backs.

Huge thank-yous go out to Shannon Gerard for doing the printing and Reverend Aitor for making the artwork.

Young Willy wanted one so badly that he had to take off his shirt to get one. Don't be outclassed by an eight year old.


Anonymous said...

you think you guys could make a shirt of the drawing of the two of you as a two headed snake? it's on your twitter site, and was on the myspace page that I guess you don't have any more.

sweetie pie press said...

interesting question, anonymous, to which i have an even more interesting answer - that drawing was not made of us. it was something i found in the wurst gallery's we heart gocco project. it was made by an artists named brad simon and is actually titled 'the long hug'. the uncanniness of the image (and maybe the title) made me contact him and ask for rights to use it for our 2006 year of touring. i said we would only use it for tour postcards and online promotion and he was kind enough to oblige (my offer still stands for buttons, mr. simon, if you ever want to collect). but that is why it never appeared on shirts, buttons or other merchandise. it just felt weird to ask for a 'license' to sell his art for money.